Tradition Recycled

Our current issue focuses on performances and artists who make us re-think our relation with tradition.
As an introduction we review the Golden Branch by the Duna Art Ensemble, based on Béla Bartók's folk music adaptations serving as a link to authentic folk dance and music. „I took what Bartók discovered in our national heritage and in a way re-made it. Today even Bartók became part of our history, to whom we as artist refer to; we learn from him, we are inspired by him" - points out choreographer and director Zsolt Juhász in the interview about the piece's background. „Bartók wanted tradition to be reborn through his music. What I am experimenting with is to make folk dance far more than a relic you see behind the museum glass. I am convinced relevant contemporary thoughts can be conveyed by it."
The interview is followed by an analysis about a most inventive Hungarian stage director, János Mohácsi. In this recent theatre season Mohácsi introduced two major pieces: the first was staged in Pécs. The Trial draws on Arthur Miller's The Crucible - the storyline is traced back to its mythic depths and gives a detailed picture of the present. The second performance is based on Rolf Hochhuth's 1963 documentary drama, The Deputy, a Christian Tragedy, which indicts Pope Pius XII for his failure to speak out against The Holocaust. Mohácsi transcends the particular issue and depicts this world's absurdity with raw force and irony.
We also take a look at one of the most interesting travelling puppet theatres, the MárkusZínház. The artists use the medium of archaic fair performances, myths and literature, conventions of traditional Hungarian arts and crafts, thus creating a thrilling contemporary milieu in which the elevated, humorous, playful and intimate sides of their stories are fully incorporated.
Our critical review column examines two pieces of the National Theatre directed by Róbert Alföldi (Sir John, Orstes), a new dance theatre performance in Kecskemét (Dóra Barta: Garcia Lorca's House) and Bea Gold's latest piece (A Study on Choreographology).

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